10 Best Longboards For Beginners in Comparison For 2020

Longboards are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. A longboard is larger than a skateboard and has developed into a real trend sports device in recent years. This pastime is a combination of surfing and snowboarding and it allows users to have fun on the asphalt in the city. It is not a new invention, longboards have been around since the 1960s – they are the predecessors of the popular skateboard. On the market, you will find various variants for different purposes, including longboards for downhill or carving, but also those for beginners or all-rounders.

We compared 9 longboards for you and looked at each product in detail. In the guide, you will learn everything about the trend sport. We inform you about what you should consider in advance when buying a longboard and how it looks with cleaning and care. We also checked whether well-known consumer portals such as the IASC  have already carried out longboard tests.

Today, we discuss the 10 best longboards for beginners for you to decide what works best for you.

The best longboards currently being evaluated.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced longboarder, a look at the list of the best longboards is always worthwhile. So that you do not miss a mega offer, the list is updated once a day.

Ten Toes Longboard – Best Longboard for Cruising

  • The Ten Toes Longboard with LED wheels, quality and style combined!
  • The deck is 1016mm x 246mm (40 x 9.7inch) in size, made from 8 layers of wood, in a modern TwinTip shape with drop-through and mini double kicks
  • The 7inch (245mm wide) longboard axles are reversed and DT mounted, steering with 90A bushings
  • LED wheels: diameter 70mm, width 51mm, hardness 78A, color blue, ball bearing ABEC 9 RS
  • Stylish designs with glowing LED wheels (color representation may vary depending on the monitor setting).


The first longboard in our comparison is the Ten Toes Longboard. Ten Toes Longboard is a company from Cologne that is particularly popular with beginners. The top of the deck is classically reinforced with large grip tapes. It consists of seven layers of glued wood and is kept in a twin-tip shape. With the twin-tip shape, the board is rounded off at the top and bottom, making this type of longboard suitable for almost every driving style. The slightly outwardly extending nose and tail make it easier to master tricks with the longboard. You can also read about best skateboards here.

The axles are mounted from above through the deck. This type of assembly, known as drop-through, causes the longboard to be slightly lower. This gives the board more stability, which is particularly important for beginners.

The wheels have a hardness of 78A, so they are classified as rather soft. They glide almost silently over the asphalt and hardly feel any minor bumps. The diameter of the wheels at 70 millimeters also ensures comfortable handling. The difference between smaller and larger roles is also noticeable in acceleration: the smaller the roles, the faster the acceleration.

However, the larger rollers keep the speed attained longer. The roller diameter determines how often you have to push the longboard to maintain the speed you have reached. The ball bearings of the wheels have the ABEC 9 standard. This means the production accuracy of the bearings. You can also check for the skateboard costs suitable for skateboarding beginner.

Quest Rorshack Longboard – Best Longboard for Beginners

  • You can choose your design here: Vulture Skeleton, USA Rider, Tiki Mask or The Eye
  • the longboards are the trend item of the year, made of beautiful 7-ply maple wood with HQ ball bearings
  • With us you are on the safe side ! – Maximum load 100kg – Tested according to DIN EN13613
  • Fair price with very good quality, easy running wheels on a 180mm aluminum axle
  • The longboards are ideal for beginners and advanced users, a very comfortable longboard. Delivered fully assembled – unpack – climb on and the fun is on

With the Atlantic Rift model, Deuba is launching a well-coordinated, ball-bearing, and smooth-running longboard. The board, built-in dropdown construction, contains ball bearings in ABEC 9, which can withstand high speeds. Calm and faster-driving behavior is possible. The deck consists of nine-ply maple wood, which offers you high stability.

The wheels of the Quest Rorshack have a diameter of 70 millimeters and ensure smooth running, which is also possible thanks to a hardness of 85A. The castors mounted on balls are robust and should remain reliable and easy to grip even on demanding journeys.

So that you feel safe on the longboard and have a stable hold, the deck is provided with an anti-slip pad, also known as grip tape. So you have a safe stand and optimal conditions for your trips even in rainy weather and wet board. The dropdown construction has a very low center of gravity for an optimal driving experience.

Here is an overview of the other technical details:

  • Ergonomic treads
  • Bottom with design
  • Dimensions: 107 x 24 centimeters
  • Low center of gravity – dropdown construction – for optimal driving experience
  • Dimensions of the rolls: width: 51 millimeters, diameter: 70 millimeters
  • Axle material: aluminum
  • Maximum load: 100 kilograms

Atom-Drop Through Longboard – Best Longboard For BeginnersAtom Longboard

  • Flex 1: Aton-Drop Through Longboard. – length 104cm – width 25cm – weight 3.7kg.
  • Due to its 9 layers of Canadian maple, this board is so stable that even drivers with a weight of 110kg have no problems.
  • The aluminum axles impress with a lot of control in the steering behavior. Thanks to the wheels with 80A hardness, the board runs very quietly.
  • Drop-through in the form of axle assembly in which the axles are screwed onto the deck from above through a recess in the deck. This type of axle assembly brings the deck closer to the road, resulting in a lower position on the board.
  • The drop-through free-rider is very suitable as a cruising board or for slides. The free-rider is also suitable for higher speeds and has very good steering behavior.

Volador Free Ride Longboard Cruiser – Best Longboard for Downhill Style

  • Deck shape: The deck of the skateboard is medium arched (medium concave). The medium curvature ensures stable and agile driving behavior – suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Deck material: The deck of the cruiser board consists of 9 layers of maple wood (Canadian Maple). Maple wood gives the deck stability and flexibility for more comfortable longboarding
  • Castors: The longboard has soft castors (hardness 80A). Soft wheels have a higher grip and are quieter than hard wheels
  • Longboard type: Twin-Tip / mounting form: drop-down / deck: 9 layers of high quality maple wood (Canadian Maple) / ABEC-7 ball bearings / dimensions approx. 104x24x11 cm (LxWxH)
  • Note: Recommended age: from 8 years; The maximum lifting capacity is 100 kg; Use with protective equipment. Not to be used in traffic

Rimable Drop-Through Longboard

  • The deck of this longboard is 990mm x 235mm, made of 8 layers of maple wood with different designs.
  • Thanks to the 70mm x 50mm SHR 78A wheels, the board glides softly and safely over rough road surfaces.
  • The board has a relatively hard flex and gives you a safe stand.
  • Equipped with the ABEC 9 ball bearings, 90A bushings, the board is the perfect freeride for beginners and advanced.
  • With the drop-through assembly technology, the board makes cruising comfortable.

Apollo Longboard

  • High-quality material: Stable, light and flexible longboard deck, 39 x 8.75 inch, made of multilayered bamboo wood, reinforced with fiberglass layers on the outside.
  • Twin-Tip & DT: The bamboo longboard deck was designed in TwinTip Shape with drop-through for more driving stability
  • High-quality all-rounder wheels: The longboard wheels (70 mm diameter and 51 mm width) with 83A hardness offer the ideal mix of high comfort and strong driving characteristics.
  • Professional axle: The massive and stylish FatCat axles have a high angle of inclination and thus enable more steering ability.
  • Chic design: unobtrusive and impressive, fashionable and elegant – the Apollo longboard inspires girls and boys with its look.

Magneto Longboards

  • The Kryptonics “Cherokee” is the perfect longboard for long moves and light cruising.
  • The deck offers everything the longboarder’s heart desires on an area of ​​over 97 x 25 cm.
  • The high-quality workmanship on Abec 5 ball bearings and polyurethane castors guarantee perfect conditions in both the entry-level and professional areas.
  • In addition, the elaborately worked composite axles ensure optimal steering behavior and the desired stability.
  • With this longboard from the traditional house of Kryptonics, it’s time to get on and let go: Free Your Wheel!

Bamboo Longboards For Cruising

  • The FunTomia bamboo maple longboard can be ordered in 3 different flex levels. / Select your desired model, simply in the above variant. (Flex1: 70 to 122kg) – (Flex2: 40 to 84kg) – (Flex3: 25 to 68kg)
  • Professionals know that asymmetrically built camber longboard supports the flex level and makes driving easier. The term camber means that the longboard has a positive bias. The board is arched upwards by approx. 2 cm, which results in a better swing when starting. A lot of tricks are possible with nose and kicktail.
  • The aluminum axles impress with a lot of control in the steering behavior. Thanks to the wheels with 80A hardness, the board runs very quietly.
  • Drop-through is the form of axle assembly in which the axles are screwed onto the deck from above through a recess in the deck. This type of axle assembly brings the deck closer to the road, resulting in a lower position on the board.
  • The Camber bamboo maple longboard with nose and kicktail is very suitable as a cruising board or for slides. The camber is also suitable for higher speeds and has very good steering behavior. It is very stable and easy to cruise around every curve.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Complete Longboard

  • The skateboard is suitable for every rider, no matter whether beginner or experienced rider.
  • Thermal transfer design, waterproof, not easy to fade.
  • Made from durable and flexible materials, the skateboard is designed for durability and gives your driving experience stability and comfort.
  • Stylish skateboarding is part of street culture that makes you look good.
  • Skateboarding is a new, healthy extreme sport that can bring more health and happiness to people.This skateboard drives safely and is suitable for all levels of riding.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, it is easy to carry and perfect for Teenager.

Atom Pintail Longboard

  • Longboard for carving, slalom & freeride
  • Extra wide high rebound rolls (70 x 51mm)
  • ABEC 7 ball bearings
  • maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Cover width: approx. 23 cm from 8 layers of maple wood

PLAYSHION longboard with ABEC-9 ball bearings

The deck of the PLAYSHION longboard is made of eight layers of maple wood with a symmetrical design. The drop-through assembly technique offers more stability, especially for beginners, and enables comfortable cruising. The SHR-78A castors are stable and sturdy enough so that they can slide easily on a rough surface. The rolls have a diameter of 70 millimeters and are 50 millimeters thick. The light 7-inch aluminum axles are equipped with ABEC-9 ball bearings. The longboard from PLAYSHION is very suitable for cruising, carving, downhill, freeride and freestyle.

The trucks and the kingpin can be individually adjusted on this longboard from PLAYSHION. You can either tighten them or loosen them – the looser trucks are better for corners, while the narrower trucks give the board more stability at high speeds.

The deck is slightly concave in the middle. In this way, your feet are better secured to the board while driving and the shape makes it easier to turn and steer around corners. The wide wheels make driving on almost all road surfaces easier. The chrome ball bearings are harder and quieter than the traditional steel ball bearings. So that you can move quieter and faster, the plastic coating of the ball bearings reduces friction during operation.

What are steering rubbers?  Steering rubbers, also called bushings, are special rubber pads that are located between the kingpin and the suspension of the axle. They have a great influence on the steering behavior of the longboard and are available in different forms. The softer steering rubbers are particularly suitable for slow rides, but they are more unstable on downhill rides. Harder bushings, on the other hand, only get going at high speed and are more difficult to handle when driving slowly.

HUDORA Big Rock  longboard for carving & freeride

The Big Rock model from the sporting goods manufacturer HUDORA is named after a surf spot in Malibu. This place is known for the large rocks in the water where the ocean waves break. The attractively designed longboard is made of solid materials and was specially developed for freeride & carving. It is suitable for beginners and advanced users. If you see curves and obstacles as a challenge, you will hit the bull’s eye with this board. The ABEC-7 bearings and the extra-wide 78A high rebound wheels make the longboard even faster.

The twin tips, large cut-outs, and a wide center distance promise a safe position on the road. These properties also enable good and safe cornering. This makes tricks and slides even more fun.

The deck of the HUDORA longboard consists of eight layers of maple wood. This design is robust enough to withstand all freerides. The deck has a width of 24.8 centimeters and is covered with a grip tape, which promises a secure stand. The length of the board is just under 1 meter, making it agile and agile.

The shape of the deck with a slight drop down and the concave shape provide the necessary stability at high speeds. The design of the longboard is casual and subtle. The griptape is in anthracite, with a recessed stripe on the top of the deck top. The underside has chocolate brown longitudinal stripes, which goes well with the maple wood with the brown rollers.

Do longboarders have to wear a helmet? The legislation does not require longboard riders to wear a helmet. However, this does not mean that driving without head protection and knee pads is not dangerous. If you are sporty on the board, you should never ride without a helmet and schooner. The helmet in particular protects you in the event of a fall. Keep in mind that traumatic brain injury is life-threatening and you can only protect yourself from it with a helmet.

Are there alternatives to the longboard?

Although there is no real replacement for a longboard, we would like to show you possible alternatives:

  • The skateboard is like a longboard. However, due to their compact design, skateboards are primarily intended for tricks and jumps. In addition, skateboards cannot be driven at high speeds because they are not designed for them.
  • Another alternative is the waveboard . However, you need a lot of body control to master driving on such a board with two single wheels.