Best Skateboards for Beginners – Buying Guide and Review

This guide is primarily aimed at beginners and gives advice on what to look for when starting out on a skateboard. Furthermore, the most important skateboard terms are briefly explained and the size and the individual components are discussed. Practical tips on shop offers are also provided, making the selection easier.

For beginners, learning to drive is paramount. At the beginning, it is only important to get a feeling for the board, to keep the balance, and to learn to look at it. Cheap skateboards are also suitable for this purpose. Corresponding offers can be found here: Skateboard for beginners. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that you may have to buy twice if you fall back on cheap offers. Especially if you develop yourself further and master the first technical tricks, you need a higher quality board. Accordingly, it can also make sense for beginners to spend more money on the first board in order to be able to use it longer. Corresponding, higher-quality offers are available in the skateboard test. Nevertheless, it must also be remembered that a skateboard is a wear item, and even the best board breaks at some point. Then it pays off if the skateboard has better components because this way you can simply replace the defective part while continuing to use the other parts. Replacing a part on a skateboard is not that difficult and can be done by a layperson with a little prior knowledge. Knowledge of the individual components can also be used to good effect if you put together a skateboard from the start wanted. What is standard for advanced users, since you can serve your own preferences much better by an individual selection of board, axes, rollers, ball bearings, and other small parts, is usually too difficult for beginners. Your own needs when skating can only be determined over time, which is why a so-called complete is usually the better choice for beginners. A complete refers to a skateboard preconfigured by the manufacturer, which is often delivered screwed together. Also, check out the best longboards here.

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Important skateboarding terms for beginners

You should know a few terms if you want to choose a skateboard. Skateboarding developed in the USA, which is why many terms have simply been taken from English. Although there are mostly German translations, product descriptions usually contain the English word, such as “Trucks” for “axles”.

  • Grip : stands for the liability of aboard. Hence the term “griptape” for the tape that is stuck to the board to improve adhesion. With “more grip” one speaks of a better grip
  • Trucks : In German “axles”. The connection between rollers and the board. Influences driving characteristics significantly.
  • ABEC : Specifies (simply put) the quality of a ball bearing. The higher, the better and the faster the rollers can turn.
  • Deck : Germans often say “Brett”. This means the entire wooden part of a skateboard, without axes and rollers. Mostly made of maple, multi-layer Canadian maple, is an indication of a better board. In addition to the material, width, length and curvature are important.
  • Concave : Describes the bending of the deck. The more bent, the more suitable for technical tricks (flips …).
  • Complete : Describes a complete skateboard, put together by the manufacturer and usually delivered fully assembled.

If you want to know about, as a skateboarding beginner, how much should a skateboard cost for you, then you can check out this article.

Size / length

A beginner skateboard should be sized for the rider. However, the difficulty lies in finding the right size. A general table that correlates height and skateboard size doesn’t make much sense because the size depends on a few factors. More important than body size is shoe size, your own preferences and the area of ​​application. In terms of length, the following applies in general terms: smaller boards are suitable for street tricks and the skate park, longer ones for cruising and longer rides. The width of the board is more important. Narrow boards are recommended for flips and technical tricks, as they can be turned faster. For verts, pools and half pipes, wider decks are better because they offer more stability, which makes landing easier. Assemble the skateboard – find the bottom.

Children and very small people should not only tend towards narrower boards but also towards shorter ones. Boards with a length of 31 inches (approx. 79 centimeters) and a width of 8 inches (approx. 20 centimeters) are described as unsuitable for children under 1.40 m tall. As already described above, children also depend on the area of ​​application and personal taste. For further information on children boards are available here: Children skateboard , concrete offer proposals can be found here: skateboard for children.

Components (deck, axles, rollers, ball bearings)

Each board requires at least one deck, two axes, four rollers, and eight ball bearings. Knowledge of the individual components is primarily important when putting together a skateboard, i.e. when you put the board together individually. This is standard for most advanced skaters, but can easily overwhelm beginners. Without skate experience, you don’t know your own preferences, so a finished all-round board makes more sense.

In the case of skateboards that have been put together by the manufacturer, you can read a lot from the product description. If the material of the deck is only described as “wood”, it is usually inferior. The standard wood for skateboards is maple because it is stable, resistant, and easy to get. The Canadian maple has an even better reputation. If the deck consists of several layers of wood, this is a good sign. Attention should be paid to terms such as “seven layers”, which has become the standard for higher-quality boards. There are also nine layers of maple or special additives or layers, such as fiberglass.

If you are looking for a skateboard for beginners in the lower price segment, you should mainly pay attention to the material of the axles. Normal skateboard axles are made of metal, mostly aluminum or an aluminum alloy. With cheap offers, however, you see boards from time to time with plastic axles, which can only be tolerated with toy boards.

There is not so much to consider with roles for beginners. Above all, the diameter and the degree of hardness are decisive. Around 54 millimeters in diameter are all-round wheels. Smaller diameters are common for a beginner skateboard because this makes small tricks on the road and grinds easier and reduces the maximum speed. Even professionals who are primarily on the road use smaller roles. The degree of hardness is given in “A” (for example 95A), the usual range being from 75 to 103. Softer wheels have advantages in terms of grip (grip) and feel, and they are also quieter. With harder wheels, grinds and slides are easier, they are faster on slippery surfaces and do not wear out as quickly. “B” instead of “A”

At Completes there is often no information about the ball bearings or only the ABEC value is shown. A good sign is always if the manufacturer is specified in the product description. The ABEC value does not always indicate whether they are better or worse, it only indicates the precision with which they were made. In practice, this means that ball bearings with high values ​​usually last longer, but are also more sensitive. For a trick board, ball bearings with ABEC values ​​that are not too high should be selected. However, the ABEC value cannot be high enough for a board that is only designed for driving and that does not have to cope with falls. That is why longboards, cruiser boards and inline skates mostly have ball bearings with high ABEC values.

Accessories and security

Although there are countless useful skateboard accessories, a beginner skateboard applies to think of the main thing: security. Often beginners skateboards are specially equipped with a slow ball bearing (small ABEC value) so that they do not become so fast and are therefore safer. Another point, especially in children, is protective clothing. Of course, everyone has to know what to wear for protection while skating. Most places recommend at least one helmet, while protectors and protectors for the knees, elbows, and hands are optional, but can be crucial in the event of a fall. When it comes to protective clothing, every skater has to weigh up safety and comfort. Of course, it also makes a big difference whether you only skate on the street or in the skate park or in mini ramps and half-pipes. While protective clothing is still negligible on the street, it becomes mandatory in mini ramps. Special skate shoes are also recommended, as normal shoes break quickly when skating regularly. The shoes are extremely stressed, especially on the outside. It is also recommended to protect the skateboard from rain and water to ensure longer shelf life.

Alternatives to skateboarding:

There are also alternatives to the skateboard, which is designed for tricks, and are more geared towards cruising, i.e. pure driving, mobility, or longer journeys. A mini skateboard, also called a cruiser or mini-cruiser, is primarily designed as a means of transport, because it is small and fast. A longboard offers more stability and safety due to its length, which makes it more clever for longer journeys and for higher speeds. With all these alternatives, however, the aspect of technical tricks is completely neglected. But if you want to perform high ollies, jumps, flips, and the like, a “normal” skateboard with grip tape is the right choice. When asked whether it was a longboard or skateboard is to be discussed in more detail in the guide.

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Different skateboards for beginners

Before you start skateboarding, you should read a little bit about the topic. Among other things, it makes sense to watch various videos on the Internet that explain exactly how this sport works. So you already have an idea of ​​how to get around with the board and what you should pay attention to when buying a skateboard. It is particularly important that you choose one of the beginner boards . Because these are a little easier to drive and offer more space for your feet. They don’t always look as sleek as advanced boards, but first of all, your safety comes first .

A skateboard for beginners should have a slightly wider deck and at the same time be tailored to your weight and size.

This table shows the different dimensions of the deck, which are determined by your height and shoe size:

Shoe size – coverage width Height – deck length
31.5 – approx. 7 “ Under 100 cm – approx. 28 “
40 – approx. 8 “ Up to 140 cm – up to 30.5 “
44 – approx. 8.5 “ 140-175 cm – up to 32 “
175-190 cm – up to 32.25 “
Over 190 cm – larger than 32.25 “

These are approximate guidelines, but give you a feeling for the ideal dimensions of your new entry-level board.

Tip: Take special care when skating for a beginner child. Opt for a surface with grip and very stable wheels.

Popular skateboard brands

The following providers for beginners boards are particularly popular:

  • Apollo
  • Scandal
  • Osprey
  • Bikestar
  • Costway
  • Hansson.Sports
  • Xootz

Important accessories for skateboards

In addition to the complete board itself, you should also invest in the appropriate accessories . Of course, this includes the rollers and the axles, which are usually already included in the set. Invest in a good oil for the rollers as well as a few spare rollers , because beginners in particular wear out quickly. In addition, an appropriate outfit is important if you really want to dedicate yourself to the task of “learning to skateboard for beginners”.

We recommend: Invest in a set for father and son or mother and daughter! Because this way you can keep an eye on your children when they want to learn skateboarding and can also do sports themselves. There are many beginner boards in the trendy set for parents and children . It is also important to consider the wishes of the siblings if you have several children. In case of doubt, they want to be completely on their skateboards for beginners at the same time.

Tip: enforce a minimum age for skateboarding. This can be 6 years, 8 years, 10 years or 12 years, for example.

To run your own skateboard for beginners recommendations by

The most important thing for a complete board for beginners is that both the size and the quality are right. If you have found the right brand and are already considering a model , you should follow the steps in our buying guide:

First of all, it is important to read a few test report summaries on the Internet for the respective model. So you can find out whether the skateboard is suitable for beginners and what experiences other boarders have had with it. Maybe you also know someone who is a real skateboard expert? Then you should ask this person for a personal recommendation. Otherwise, it makes sense to search online for the skateboard for beginners comparison winners, for example at Stiftung Warentest.

You can also do a little test in a skateboard shop by testing different models there. This is the best way to get a feel for different boards. The seller can also give you valuable tips so that you don’t embarrass yourself the first time on the street.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of testing a skateboard for beginners  to carry out in a shop:

  • good feeling for different boards
  • You test before you buy your skateboard for beginners
  • You may discover other interesting models
  • Personal advice
  • Many customers find it difficult not to buy anything after a consultation
  • the seller may be disappointed

When you finally know which skateboard for beginners you will choose, it is time to compare the price. Because it is possible for you to buy your favorite skateboard cheaply on the Internet. Every skateboard for beginners brands is sold by different suppliers. So take a little time to compare prices. Also note the shipping costs, because a skateboard is a relatively large object.

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Tip: Subscribe to various newsletters to always be informed about the next sale.

If you have successfully selected a model, tested it in a shop or with a buddy and found the best price, you are ready to buy one of the skateboards for beginners entirely on the Internet! Now it’s time to learn skateboarding. The best thing to do is practice a little on your driveway or find an unpaved stretch of road .