Skateboard Costs – How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

Before we answer this question, it is important for you to understand whether you require a complete skateboard or you want to assemble and create a custom skateboard for beginner yourself.

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Skateboard for Beginners: Buy ready or put together yourself?

Not only do you have the option of buying a finished complete board, but you can basically put together your own roller board yourself according to your wishes. Insofar as you have only recently started skateboarding and still belong to the group of beginners, you should ideally reach for a finished skateboard. Only when you are ready to spend enough money on your new hobby, does a self-made skateboard brand really make sense. You get away cheaper with a complete board and can also try it out right away. However, you can personalize a self-made model according to your ideas. Depending on which shape you choose, you can of course enjoy driving with both variants.

How much does a Skateboard Cost?

If you want to start very small and place little value on high quality, you can get a simple cruiser for around 50 euros. To buy a classic, good skateboard, you should be willing to dig deeper into your pocket. With a complete skateboard, you can get around 100 euros. However, the budget for a skateboard can vary considerably depending on the variant, manufacturer and design: A high-quality skateboard or a longboard for beginners can also quickly cost 300 euros and more.

How Much Should I Pay For My First Longboard?

Longboards are simply skateboards that are designed for transportation and cruising rather than tricks.

Longboards are great for riders of all ages!

Whether you’re a beginner rider who has a more relaxed and laid-back attitude and likes to cruise, a college student who doesn’t want to bike, or you love to speed down hills or empty parking garages with the breeze in your hair, a longboard skateboard couldn’t be more right for you if you’re shopping for your first skateboard.

For buyers looking for a longboard, there is a wide range of prices one will find throughout their search.

A longboard skateboard is designed to mimic a surfboard type of skating style and in most cases is double the size of the common skateboard we discussed previously.

The larger skateboard deck for longboards also holds wider trucks and larger urethane wheels that are built for grip and speed, as opposed to the trick board wheels’ build which is for agility and precision.

You can find a brand new longboard skateboard from a reputable company at a reasonable price of $130 to $250. 

Of course, there are longboards that you can pick up at Walmart for under $100. But remember—the more you pay for a new skateboard/longboard, the more durable, long-lasting, and technical it will remain beneath your feet. You get what you pay for. It’s not ideal to learn how to skate on a bad board.

Should I Buy a Used Skateboard?

If you’re looking to try out skateboarding to get a feel for the sport or to see whether you like it or not and you don’t feel like paying brand new board prices, you can easily find a decently used skateboard for under $50 to $80 online or at your local sports store or pawn shop.

Hand-me-down skateboards are a great way to learn at an affordable price. And if you practice on a used skateboard, you’ll have the skill and technique to begin your skateboarding career once you get a new one.

However, before you buy a used skateboard, take a test ride. You may have to repair or replace certain parts if you’re purchasing used, but sometimes, a quick clean of the bearings and a turn or two tightening the trucks is all it takes to make a board ride just like new!

Recommended Brands And Prices

If this is your first time, or on a budget, the best skateboard deck would be a blank or shop model if available. Otherwise, be open to choose what stands out.

  • Prices for name brands vary depending on sale items and new releases. Look at spending between $30-$49.95. Mini-Logo blanks run $33 + grip. (see retailer for shipping details)
  • There are lots of companies around today, no one brand is “better” than another as most products are exceptional. You’ll most likely find something on sale as these numbers are just a reference. You’re going to find products you stick to and buy more than one time.