How to Build a Skateboard

The 8 steps of how to assemble a skateboard

Tools needed: A knife and a skate tool (9/16 “Kingpin socket, 1/2” axle nut socket, 3/8 “hardware socket, Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key)

  1. First you have to put on the griptape. Remove the paper from the griptape (making it sticky) and put the adhesive side of the tape down – then carefully place it on the deck. Make sure you place it centered on the deck. Slowly press the griptape with the paper you just removed from the tape.
  2. Make a cut in each corner of the grip tape, then scratch the edges of the board with a tool to create guidelines for cutting the grip tape. Then you cut the excess griptape along the line.
  3. Scrape the sides of the griptape with the rest of the griptape to get durable griptape edges.
  4. Make holes for the screws. Use a pointed tool (e.g. a thin Allen key) to pierce through the eight places. Use a Phillips screwdriver to create a large hole from the other side of the deck.
  5. Assemble the trucks. Insert the screws into the eight holes you just made and attach the trucks. Screw the nuts onto the screws – tighten them with a skate tool.
  6. Install 2 ball bearings in each wheel. Place one ball bearing in the wheel at the time – use your hands to push the wheel so the ball bearing almost gets into the wheel.
  7. Assemble the wheels. Place them on the trucks and tighten the nuts with a skate tool. Be careful not to over tighten them, otherwise the ball bearings can break.
  8. Go on tour!

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any doubts about how to assemble a longboard.

To assemble your skateboard yourself, you first need all the skateboard parts. So you should already have got a deck, axles, rollers, ball bearings and grip tape. As a beginner, you often have your skateboard assembled by employees in skate shops. But later you notice that it can’t be that difficult, especially since you have to constantly tighten screws on the skate park anyway. That’s right and this guide will show you how to assemble your own skateboard too.